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SY 2018-2019 Essay 



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Cadet Leadership

Battalion Commander


Battalion Executive Officer


Battalion Sergeant Major

C/SGM E. Martinez (interm)

Alpha Company Commander 

C/2LT Tuibua

Bravo Company Commander 

C/2LT Neveras

Charlie Company Commander 


Delta Company Commander 


Battalion Staff

S1 (Administration

C/SGT G. Garcia

C/CPL Whitfield


S2 (Security & Safety)

C/SSG Nebreda


 S3 (Plans & Operations)

C/MSG K. Sanchez

C/SFC E. Heredia


 S4 (Supply & Logistics)

 C/MSG Stroppini


 S5 (Public Affairs)

C/SSG Lupo


S6 (Signal/Communication/IT)


Special Teams

1.    Drill Team

2.    Color Guard

3.    Rifle Team

4.    Raider Team

5.    JLAB Team


Programs & Activities Locker

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100 Years of ROTC

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100 Years of JROTC 1916-2016

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Rio Drill Meet Jan 28, 2017 - "Pacific Motivation Check"

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Rio Drill Meet Jan 28, 2017 - Color Guard

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Cadet Creed

I am an Army JROTC Cadet

I will always conduct myself to bring credit to my family, country, school and the Corps of Cadet.

I am loyal and patriotic.I am the future of the United States of America.

I do not lie, cheat or steal and will be held accountable for my actions and deed.

I will always practice good citizenship and patriotism.

I will work hard to improve my mind and strengthen my body.

I will seek the mantle of leadership and stand prepared to uphold the the Constitution and the American way of life.

May God grant me the strength to always live by this creed.


Capital Airshow 2018

Memorial Day weekend - Service Learning Project

Pacific JROTC Annual Award Ceremony, MAY 24, 2018

TRUSD JROTC Awards presentation

Twin Rivers Board JROTC Award

Capital Airshow 2017

Pathfinder 2017-2018

Quizlet - Chain of Command

Chain of Command


8th Brigade JROTC Units

8th Brigade JROTC Units

U.S. Cadet Command Brigades Area of Responsibility

U.S. Cadet Command Brigades Area of Responsibility


Come and support our cadets during their recognition for a job well done during school year 2015-2016.


cadet challenge 2015-16


                          MAXIMUM SCORE IS 500


TOP FIVE MALE                                       TOP FIVE FEMALE


E. Cruz             365                                     N. Toral            435

A. Sanchez      350                                     K. Olmos          330

K. Rucker        245                                     M. Anderson    260

Z. Canizales    220                                     E. Diaz              240

D. Arnell          210                                     C. Fraizer         210



Congratulations to all cadets who completed the first semester Cadet Challenge Fitness Test.

                TOP 5 MALE                                                     TOP 5 FEMALE

Name                        Score (500)                      Name                    Score (500)

Alexis Sanchez           385                            Natalie Toral                450                 

Jordan Carson            365                            Maricruz Ramirez       365  

Nathan Kidd                300                             Elisa Diaz                   330                  

Jonathan Chavez        280                            Maurica Anderson      210


JROTc Leadership & Academic Bowl

JLAB 2016.jpg

JROTC activities for the first quarter SY 2015-16

2014 JPA Inspection

Veteran's Day Golden Corral 2014-15

Canned Food Drive 2014-15


2nd Semester Cadet Challenge


  JROTC Cadets are preparing for their 2nd Semester Cadet Challenge and President's Fitness Challenge from April 22-25, 2013 . Cadets must attempt five events and results will contribute to their Semester grade and be recognized at the Annual JROTC Award Ceremony on May 16, 2013.


1.  V-Sit Reach                                  - Monday, April 22

2.  Curl-Ups                                       - Monday, April 22

3.  Shuttle Run                                 - Tuesday, April 23

4.  Pull Ups/Flex-Arm Hang              - Tuesday, April 23

5. 1 Miles Run/Walk                          - Wednesday, April 24

6.  Make Up                                      -  Thursday, April 25       

               GOOD LUCK TO ALL CADETS!!                  

JCLC Camp 2013

Special Thanks to SPC Ford (former cadet) and PFC Surratt of the California National Guard for outstanding support during Twin Rivers JROTC Camp (JCLC). Their performance reflects great credit upon themselves and the California National Guard.

Twin Rivers JROTC BAll 2013

Congrats to all cadets who participated in the event and the leadership and staff coordinating with the host school to make it a successful Ball. Special thanks goes to C/LTC Brandon Rogers (Battalion Commander) and C/MAJ Chris Ramos (Project Officer).

2012 JROTC 1st Semester Activities

veterans day logo.jpgNH Jubilee.jpg  Cal Aerospace Museum.jpg                                                 

JLAB.jpg      Pacific Back-to-School








  • School Assembly
  • Sept 11 rememberance       
  • Twin River College Fair


JROTC Ball 2012

TRUSD college fair (Oct 2011)

Pacific JROTC College Fair community service support

North Highlands 10th Annual Jubilee (Oct 2011)

Pacific JROTC Service learning Project/Community Service

Cadet Ball (Feb 2011)

JROTC Camp (Feb 2011)

Cadet Ride 3 Nov 11 - California Military Museum

JROTC SY 2010-11 2nd semester

Cadet Challenge



Cadet Ride - Six Flags Leadership & Career Day

JROTC Chain of Command

Pacific JROTC
click to enlarge

Click on image for Shoulder Sleeve Insignia



Senior Army Instructor (SAI)

Command Sergeant Major (CSM) (Retired) Jesse Topasna

(916) 566-1600 ext 65661 


Army Instructor (AI)



JROTC Significant Events calendar SY 2017-2018 (DRAFT)

August (2018)

- Orientation

- Back-to-School (Color Guard)

- Monthly Command & Staff



- JROTC Essay Contest kick off

- Monthly Command & Staff

-  9/11 remembrance ceremony

- Labor Day (No School)

- Capital Air Show (community service/fund raiser)

- Project Linus (Service Learning)

- Food Drive (Service learning)

- Veterans Home of California (Service Learning)



-  Breast Cancer Awareness Month

-  JROTC Essay Contest cont"d

-  California Veterans Home, Yountville (T)

- Monthly Command & Staff

- Cadet Challenge (fitness test)

- School Assembly (Color Guard)



- JROTC Leadership and Academic Bowl (JLAB) Level I

- No School/Veterans Day (Nov 11)

-  Veterans Day parade (Nov 11 Elk Grove)

- Golden Corral Vet Day (traffic control/community service)

-  Staff/Teacher Professional development - No School (NOV 26-27)

-  Thanksgiving Holidays (20-24 November)



- Cadet Ride (California Aerospace Museum)(T)

- Color Guard Mission (T)

- Project Linus completed

- Food Drive completed

- Veterans Home of California (1st Semester complete)

- Winter Holiday (December 21 - January 7)

January (2019)

- Monthly Command & Staff

- No School/ Martin Luther King Holiday (January 15)

- Rio Linda Drill Meet (January 27)




- President's Week break (16-19 Feb)

- JCLC (Camp) (FEB 15-18


- Monthly Command & Staff

- Cadet Ball (MAR 2)

- No School (Mar 16)

- School Assembly (T)

- No School/Spring Break (MAR 26-30)



- 8th Brigade Competition 

- Cadet Challenge (fitness test)



- Cadet Ride - Six Flags (Career & Leadership Day)

- Finals Exams

- JROTC award ceremony (May 16)

- No School/Memorial Day Parade (May 27)(T)

- Turn-in Uniform (except color guard)



- Graduation (JUN 5)

- Last Day of School (Jun 6)

- Close out


SY 2016-2017                       


SY 2015-2016

Veterans Home of California


Cadet Reference book Ver. 6

CDT REF V6.jpg

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